According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, one in four women will be a victim of severe domestic violence in her lifetime. Many of these cases are so severe that victims require a blood or platelet transfusion. 

Unfortunately, blood donations drop by 6% every year when people take time off during school breaks. However, during the summer, the need for blood is still there. There are still transfusions being made every day in hospitals around the area.

What if Washington State could make an impact on this current need? What if we could advocate against the domestic violence that we may face in our everyday lives? What if we said No More and advocated for an end to sexual assault and domestic violence in Washington State. 

To create a better community requires the courage to act on the current community. Join the Washington Says No More movement to create end sexual assault and domestic violence in Washington State by saying No More. 

Start by taking the pledge to saying No More to sexual assault and domestic violence.