As the sun comes out, shorts and Birkenstocks become daily attire. As the temperatures increase, we witness tens of thousands of Washingtonians flocking to Seattle in the summer months. Maybe this year you’re sightseeing at the top of the Space Needle, checking out the views at Alki Beach, or just making an annual visit to historic Pike Place Market. Whatever your reason to visit our vibrant state epicenter, it’s important that your trip isn’t just memorable but also safe. In her article What’s Behind Seattle’s Steep Rise in Rape Reports, Sara Jean Green outlines a disturbing Seattle police revelation of a 55% increase in rape reports in September 2016 over the previous year statistics. The Seattle Police Department details visitor safety tips to help you on your stay, whether it be in Seattle, or anywhere else this summer:


  • Book hotel reservations using only first, middle initial and last name, particularly women traveling alone.
  • Keep room numbers private. Don’t sign bar or restaurant checks with your room number. Keep track of room keys. If a key is lost, ask for a different room, or ask for the locks to be changed.
  • Never automatically open your door when a knock is heard. Know your visitor’s identity prior to admittance. Use your peephole, if available, or talk through the locked door. If someone claims they are from maintenance, security or a hotel employee, phone the front desk to make sure the visitor is legitimate.


  • When possible, travel with another person when sightseeing or shopping, particularly at night.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and trust your instincts. Do not feel embarrassed to leave an uncomfortable situation.
  • Walk with purpose and project an assertive and business-like image. Criminals will be discouraged if you do not appear vulnerable or easily intimidated.

For a complete list of Seattle Police Department visitor safety tips click here. It’s time we say no more to these alarming statistics.